Dr. Ray Bingham is a research professor in the Department of Psychiatry, the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education and heads the Young Driver Behavior and Injury Prevention Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. He also leads the U-M Risk Science Center’s Distracted Driving Focus Initiative. How seriously does distracted driving threaten

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An increasing number of patients have direct access to their laboratory test results. This information is intended to encourage greater patient involvement in medical-decision making and self-management.  However, a recent study by Brian Zikmund-Fisher and colleagues suggests that easy access to personal health data isn’t enough. Patients must be able to effectively interpret the data

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RSC director Andrew Maynard attended the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) 2014 Annual Meeting in Bermuda.  Andrew is on the Board of Trustees for ILSI North America. Amongst other topics, the meeting addressed research and publication integrity, and food safety. ILSI North America is a public, non-profit scientific foundation that advances the understanding and application of science related

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RSC member Rudy Richardson and five other co-inventors from University of Michigan and Michigan State University were awarded a U.S. patent (patent number: 8, 623, 196) for a new nanoscale device. The invention couples the activity of nervous system enzymes to a direct electronic readout. The device has potential applications in medicine, chemistry, agriculture, and homeland security.

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Responsible innovation key to the success of emerging technologies

Dr. Andrew Maynard, director of the University of Michigan Risk Science Center will be among the 1,500 influential business, government, media, and academic leaders from over 90 countries attending the Annual Meeting of the New Champions hosted by the World Economic Forum. Held from 11-13 September, in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, the meeting themed

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The Elarabio Risk Science Center Internship, a new partnership with the University of Michigan, Department of Environmental Health Sciences and Elara Bioscience, will help enhance the educational experience of graduate students. Elara Biosciences is the provider of Elarabio Portal, a comprehensive infrastructure designed to support secure data and document exchange between research organizations and clients,

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Partly funded by the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, a comprehensive, state-specific study evaluating the potential impacts of high-volume hydraulic fracturing in Michigan was released today. The technical reports, prepared during the initial phase of the project, examine seven critical topics related to the use of hydraulic fracturing in Michigan: public health, environment and

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The Internet is the key to an education treasure trove. The ability to connect with learners anytime, anywhere and on anything is a powerful way for education institutions, or anyone who is considered an expert to share knowledge and engage with the public. However, the real power is in the hands of the learner. If

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Over the past four weeks, I’ve explored what advanced materials are, and why so many people are so excited about them on the YouTube channel Risk Bites.  But what about the downsides?  Do new materials automatically come prepackaged with new risks? Exploring the potential ways new materials can cause harm is important.  If you want

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How do you identify potential health risks associated with engineered nanomaterials and other advanced materials, and develop strategies to reduce or avoid them? Last week, thirteen experts participated in a workshop at the Royal Society in London to explore how speculative yet plausible case studies on advanced materials and their potential uses can provide insight on emergent

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Personal reflections on emerging technologies, responsible innovation, science communication and the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, from Center Director Andrew Maynard.

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Andrew is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where he directs the University of Michigan Risk Science Center and chairs the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. When not knee deep in academic administration, he researches, he writes about and advise on emerging technologies and responsible innovation. Andrew can be found on Twitter at @2020science, and in his spare time create videos on the science of risk at Risk Bites

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